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Important information in the field of official translations of documents!
The translation service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is abolished in its current form.
The process of translating documents is simplified. A new "body of certified translators" is being set up according to the standards of most European countries (best practices).
In addition to the translation service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, lawyers who have been certified to perform the translation with a relevant language certification document also have the right to translation.
The official translations in the territory of the Hellenic Republic are those that are performed and certified by lawyers who know the language from which the translation into Greek is made. Consequently, citizens who need a formal translation of documents can turn to private lawyers who have the right to an official translation.

The official translation center "Athens Translation Center" provides certified translations accepted by all public services and embassies.

Official translation of documentation
In order to make an official translation, the client must bring the official original documents that need to be translated into another language. After that, a translation of the documents and their official certification is done. When translating a text or other (non-official) document, the original documents are not required.
Written translation
Our transfers are equal transfers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and are accepted by all government agencies (municipalities, registry offices, tax offices, social security funds (IKA), embassies and other public and private institutions), for marriage, applying for citizenship, residence permit, political shelter. For use in your embassies, with the aim of extending passports, obtaining certificates, obtaining citizenship for the child and any other purposes.
And also we carry out any other forms of transfers: medical, technical, financial, administrative, educational, etc. content, in all languages, from highly qualified translators.
All languages are in demand. European languages, languages of the countries of the former Soviet Union, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese.

Contracts, accounting reports, regulatory, judicial and financial documentation, tender documents, invoice, operation manuals, websites, technical manuals, medical and pharmaceutical documents, medical reports.
• Ability to translate Express (express), translation in 30 minutes! Time is calculated for each document or small text. We do not use machine translation, only qualified personnel.
• Usual translation deadlines, the next day from the day the document or text is provided. If the text is large enough, or there are a lot of documents, the dates are set by agreement.
Legal services of a lawyer
• Legal advice, representation in litigation, consideration of cases in municipal, regional departments, on citizenship, residence permit, etc.
• Submission of residence permit documents
• Submission of documents for citizenship
• Certification of copies of documents
• Recognition of foreign divorces
• Amendments to the data in the Civil Registry Offices, (first name, last name, parents' data)
Oral translation
Our company provides interpretation services for attending court, conferences, personal and business meetings, etc.
The price is set in each case individually, depending on the time the translator is busy.
Our Clients
Ministry of Health, General Secretariat Of Sports, Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Technical & Construction Companies, Notaries, Lawyers, Airlines, Shipping Companies, All individuals
• The price for simple documents, such as a passport, certificates (of birth, marriage, etc.), a certificate of family composition and the like, small documents, is 10 euros per translation page. An urgent translation is charged 5 euros more for each page of the translation.
• The price for the translation of educational content documents, transcripts, certificates, diplomas, certificates, grades, and the like, is 15 euros for each page of the translation. An urgent translation is charged 5 euros more for each page of the translation.
• Price for the translation of documents with medical (simple) technical, economic, legal, judicial, etc. content, and in general documents and texts that are not included in the above categories, is 15 euros per translation page. An urgent translation is charged 5 euros more for each page of the translation.
• The price for the translation of medical documents or texts with purely medical terms is 20 euros per translation page. In this category there is no possibility of urgent translation (express), since 2 people are working on such contents, for a more accurate translation and double-checking.
• A separate category is the translation of Chinese and Japanese, the price for which is 25 euros per page of translation.
Note: by definition, a page for translating a text or document means the maximum number of words, which does not exceed 230. Over this amount, the price is determined by the final number of words.