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About us

Our Athens Translation Center was founded in 1994 and continues to hold a leading position in the field of interpretation and translation. It is a priority choice for companies and individuals, due to the vast experience of our professional translators, and great attention to detail.
Along with simple translations of documents and plain texts, which are official documents and this means that the translation must be official, we have the largest headquarters of specialized translators in areas such as technical, scientific, economic, medical, literary translations, for individuals, and for companies specializing in various business sectors. Thus, we have achieved long-term cooperation with small and large Greek and foreign companies, embassies and consulates, as well as with government services and organizations, providing translation services in more than 30 languages.
In the field of interpretation, due to the ever-increasing number of transactions between companies within the European Community, but also of numerous emigrants, the demand for this service is growing, and we are able to satisfy any needs and specifics of simultaneous translation at conferences, medical consultations, lectures, business meetings, private negotiations, including for representatives of public authorities, always with high quality performance.
Our legal department is responsible for official translations, notarial transactions, the issuance of powers of attorney, is engaged in the necessary legal checks of translated documents, thereby giving full legal force to the translated document for use at the place of demand in any public or private institutions and organizations. Thus, the client receives an official translation of the document and has the full legal right to use it at the place of demand.